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Prospector Releases on Valentines Day. LIVE REKKED RELEASE TONIGHT

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Between 0 & 1

Against The Wall

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Prospector woos us tonight at Fontana’s with the release of their album Between 0 & 1.  Won’t you be their Valentine?

In the face of a current trend of pastelled indie/folksy/retroverb/beach-wave, Prospector spits sexy black gasoline rock and lights it up.  Prospector is a fucking band / An NYC band / A don’t let your daughter see this band, kinda band – especially on Valentines Day.

Between 0 & 1 has been one of the most anticipated releases in the LES/Brooklyn scene as Prospector’s addicted following has been amassing since the band formed in 2008.  And all those turned heads will agree that the wait was worth it ’cause Between 0 & 1 just crushes forward and will leave you saying (in the words of John Norris) “Oh yeah, that’s what rock sounds like”.

For a good time, call on Prospector tonight: (THERE’S NO REASON TO BE ALONE)
Fontana’s Bar
105 Eldridge St
8:30pm until 11:30pm

You can also support the band by purchasing the album on iTunes.

Bonus Video

Those of you that follow spradosphere know that Prospector is no stranger here – CLICK HERE to see them featured on the Louis CK show LOUIE.



A Place To Bury Strangers is frying up a new EP tomorrow

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Onwards to the Wall EP

I Lost You

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“I Lost You” is the 1st track off APTBS’ new ep Onwards To The Wall which drops tomorrow.

Brooklyn’s Bleeding Ear Noise Front is no stranger to :: check here and here and HERE (for a free downloadable mixTape)

BONUS VIDEO :: “So Far Away”


Tom Waits is Tom Waits is Tom Waits (today’s npr interview)

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the man is beyond us.


Tom Waits: The Fresh Air Interview

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From NPR:
Tom Waits was featured on today’s segment of the NPR show Fresh Air. The iconic artist talked with host Terry Gross about his phenomenal new record Bad As Me, his first all-new studio album in eight years and his 20th album.

On Getting Older Waits offers, “I guess I’ve always lived upside down when I want things I can’t have. My wife actually thinks I have a syndrome called Reality Distortion Field. It’s kind of like drugs, only you can’t come back from it. Reality Distortion is almost a permanent condition. Things come in and they go out: Presto, chango! To a certain extent, I did that with myself. As a kid, I did want to be an old-timer, since they were the ones with the big stories and the cool clothes. I wanted to go there. Now, I guess I want to bring that with me and go back in time.”

And on Collaborating With Keith Richards he says, “There’s nobody in the world like him. We wrote songs together for a while and that was fun. I had never really written with anybody besides my wife, so it was unique and a little scary at first. He doesn’t really remember anything or write anything down. So you play for an hour and he would yell across the room, ‘Scribe!’ And I looked around. ‘Scribe? Who’s the scribe?’ And he’d say it again, now pointing at me. I was supposed to have written down everything we said and dreamt of and played. And I realized we needed an adult in the room. I’ve never been the one that one would consider the adult. It was an interesting dynamic.”

Surfer Blood – are they ready to drop their Tarot Classics [EP]?

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I’m surprised this isn’t circulating more than it is.  Not necessarily due to how amazing it is, rather that it’s just happening.  As soon as Surfer Blood exploded onto the scene, every critic and their mother has been tossing coins to see if this band just got lucky or were actually as good as they were.  Well, they’re hatching a new EP called Tarot Classics and I’m sure some bets are about to be won…

Tarot Classics

Track Listing:

Tarot Classics [EP]
(set to drop October 25, 2012)
1. I’m Not Ready
2. Miranda
3. Voyager Reprise

4. Drinking Problem

I’m Not Ready

The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness (New Single/FREE Download!!)

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Your kid would be 5 now if it was born when The Strokes made their last album.

Their new album Angles will be available in stores on March 22.

For now, you can download their single “Under Cover of Darkness” for free within the next 48 hours. Go Here!!

Under Cover of Darkness

The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Fleet Foxes offers a FREE NEW TRACK to the hungry masses.

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The Fleet Foxes are back with a new album set to be released May 3rd.  In the meantime, they’re keeping the hounds at bay by generously flinging out a free track into the light.

Also, a list of upcoming tour dates is up with the following:


“Come back tomorrow, Tuesday the 1st at 9am PST, if you’d like to take part in the limited ticket pre-sale for any of the North American shows listed below. You’ll also be able to pre-order the new album along with your ticket if you want to. Thanks!”

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues by subpop

Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, Portishead, Shellac to play New Jersey’s All Tomorrow’s Parties

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by way of A.V. Club and much thanks to Adam Cohen for having his ear to the ground.  This is news.

By Sean O’Neal January 26, 2011

Neutral Milk Hotel’s shy, retiring flower Jeff Mangum has poked his delicate tendrils out of the soil a few times of late, though they’ve almost always been at places you had to know someone who knows someone to hear about it. But this time it’s right out there in the open: Mangum will be the “very special guest” on the first day of the Portishead/All Tomorrow’s Parties-curated festival I’ll Be Your Mirror, which takes place at New Jersey’s Asbury Park from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2. Get him! Get him!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jeff Mangum show without some caveats: According to the rules this year, only those who purchase three-day passes (and really believe) can see Mangum play that Friday, but the good news is that Portishead will also headline both of the other nights, presumably warming up for its promised split-headlining tour with Arcade Fire later this year. And the other performers booked so far include Shellac, Chavez, The Album Leaf, and Cults, with more to come—so it’s not like you’d be wasting your money. Alternately, you could skip the festival entirely and see Mangum play that Monday, Oct. 3, at the Paramount Theatre for just $35, provided you can get a ticket when they go on sale this Friday. And yes, the press release promises that Mangum will perform Neutral Milk Hotel songs—most likely similar to that surprise set he played back in December. Baby steps into the world, baby steps.