Living Days – Take Good Care of My Love (Brand Spank’n Certified Breaking NEW) FREE DOWNLOAD

[staring at the sun]

It’s Love Day…

…and to make sure you get some, LIVING DAYS is going to take care of you.   They’re about to lip smack a new single across your face with a FREE DOWNLOAD called “Take Good Care of My Love”.  And you lucky birds get to hear it first on…lucky lucky birds.  This new track will be released on Part Two of their first full length (2part) album Make Out Room – (Part One was released a couple months ago and Part Two will be released very very soon).  To get a taste of Part One and my recent write up of their face melting amazing sound, for the love of God, GO HERE.

Trust me – Living Days are about to explode.

Give it a go go go and take good care of their love.

Take Good Care of My Love

Take Good Care of My Love by LIVING DAYS

Also, keep an eye out for my shots of Living Days’ show @ The Gutter last friday.  Easily one of the best live performances I’ve seen in NYC.  Ever.

Stephonik Youth @ The Gutter 2/11/2011

Just a taste. Not only does Stephonik Youth know how to find her light, but she will seduce you with a presence that will blind your senses.

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