Maximum Balloon – Tiger (well…sort of)

[the back door]

I’ve lost count, but it happens. I hear something new, size it up, and discard it within the first 30 seconds. Then someone cleverly disguises it by wedging it in some kind of new context where I rediscover it…and love it. It’s like someone opens up the back door to my brain, tosses it in, and I think it was my idea. Jedi mind trick.

Sometimes new information needs an alternative route or perspective shift in order to be accepted, – and that’s The Back Door.

Purely as an example, I couldn’t think of a better post to introduce this new category – Maximum Balloon is David Sitek, better known for his work with TV On The Radio based in NYC. In 2008, NME compiled some list of the 50 most forward thinking people in the current music scene and Sitek was included and I agree. Now, I love TOTR, I love Sitek and I love Maximum Balloon, so I really didn’t need the damn Back Door for this song, but someone might…

…And any way I can, I’ll get you to listen to music I love.

the jedi mind trick.

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  1. J.C. says:

    Wow… that song was great!

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